There are many benefits of having female board members. Currently, there are no women on the GVEA Board of Directors.

  • “Research has found that female directors tend to be less conformist and more likely to express their independent views than male directors because they do not belong to old-boy networks.”
  • “One benefit of having female directors on the board is a greater diversity of viewpoints, which is purported to improve the quality of board deliberations, especially when complex issues are involved, because different perspectives can increase the amount of information available.”
  • “Having women on the board results in better acquisition and investment decisions and in less aggressive risk-taking . . .”
  • “A board with female directors might be more likely to challenge the CEO and push [them] to consider a wider range of options, as well as pros and cons, when making strategic firm decisions. This could then attenuate CEO overconfidence and correct for potentially biased beliefs.

Harvard Business Review

September 12, 2019

Research: When Women Are on Boards, Male CEOs Are Less Overconfident

Gender-diverse boards increase transparency.

Journal of Accounting and Economics

April 2011

Does board gender diversity improve the informativeness of stock prices?


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