Why I'm running for the GVEA Board

I’m proud to be a 24-year member-owner of GVEA. Now it’s time to give back. GVEA can directly influence two of our community’s largest barriers to economic and personal prosperity:  the high cost of power and unhealthy air quality. I’m a semi-retired accountant and attorney and want to use those skills to serve my community in finding solutions to challenging issues.    

Recently, I completed three years serving on the GVEA Member Advisory Committee (MAC), including two years as Chair. Through the MAC and regular attendance at GVEA board meetings, I’ve developed an understanding and appreciation for the challenges ahead. I am now ready to move up to serving on the Board of Directors.


My Passion for Service

I am passionate about social and economic justice and protecting our Alaskan way of life. I intend to bring these values to the GVEA Board while representing the interests of all member-owners. My community service includes:

• serving three years on the GVEA MAC including two years as chair;  

• providing legal services to low income clients through free clinics and part-time work as staff attorney for Interior Alaska Center for Nonviolent Living;

• leading a grassroots effort to bring a Veterans Treatment Court to Fairbanks;

• serving as Treasurer on the Green Star of Interior Alaska board; and

• serving on the social justice and finance committees of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks.


— Alison Carter  



What Our Community has to say About Alison:

"Letter to the Editor

June 2, 2020

Carter's Many Traits

"In his letter to the editor, Rick Solie alludes to making mistakes in life. I'm guessing he's referring to his drunken-driving convictions. But what concerns me much more, as he runs for the GVEA board of directors, are his actions when he was presiding officer of the nonpartisan Borough Assembly in 1999. He deliberately circumvented the open meetings law to do borough business with a partisan group and without public scrutiny. This is extremely concerning to me as a GVEA member. The fact that he thought that was OK, now combined with his blatant conflict of interest, are big red flags for his bid to join the GVEA board. You can learn more at www.notsolie.com.

I met his opponent, Alison Carter, 19 years ago, and I have come to admire and respect her tremendously. Soon after the war started in Afghanistan, she became a tireless advocate for our local troops. More than wearing a flag lapel pin or applying a “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker, she quietly did the hard work of truly being there for soldiers who were struggling, offering them space to store their possessions, offering her home as a respite from base life, and ultimately spearheading the creation of a Veterans Treatment Court.

At the height of a very successful career as a CPA, she left that career to go to law school late in life so that she could serve as an even better advocate for those in our community who have little. She has skills as an accountant and lawyer that will help guide our GVEA cooperative. She is an incredibly hard worker. She has tremendous integrity. She is dedicated to the entirety of our community. And despite her considerable talents and achievements, she is a truly humble person. These are all top-notch traits for a public servant. Those who disingenuously portray her as someone who will disregard the needs of the average ratepayer to advance some elite, greenie agenda are trying to pull one over on us to advance their own. Please vote for Alison by 5 p.m. on June 9.


-Lee Zirnheld


"Letter to the Editor

May 21, 2020

Carter for GVEA Board

"I'm writing in personal support of Alison Carter for the GVEA board of directors. She worked as the assistant controller at Doyon, Limited when I was the controller until 2007. I hired her because she was a CPA and came highly recommended by KPMG, an international CPA firm, where she worked as a senior financial auditor for several years. She was well versed in complex financial statements and advanced accounting issues. 

Alison joined my team just as we began rapidly expanding into government contracting and joint ventures in new business sectors. Our financial statements required the consolidation of multiple subsidiary companies and recording equity in many joint ventures. She compiled our annual financial report, including all footnotes, and coordinated our annual audit with KPMG on a tight schedule. I always had the utmost confidence in her ability to see the big picture and still understand the minor details within a subsidiary company's financial report. 

Alison worked well with others. As the assistant controller, her other duties included training staff in more advanced accounting issues, evaluating and updating our internal controls, and working with 

subsidiary managers to improve their accounting systems. She worked closely with other departments, including legal, operations, and finance. She excelled at the more complicated assignments, which we were both happy with as I could focus on other things. 

On a personal level, Alison embraced the Athabascan cultural values and graciously endured our sense of humor. 

After she and I both left Doyon, I learned that Alison had gone to law school. I was impressed but not surprised as she was always up for a challenge. She has a very strong work ethic and holds herself and those around her to high ethical standards. I believe Alison will be a true asset to the GVEA board of directors and a terrific advocate for the member-owners. 

Please note that, although I serve on the Doyon board currently, this is not from Doyon. I want to make it clear that I am personally supporting Alison. 


-Betty Huntington

Former Controller at Doyon, Limited"

"Letter to the Editor

May 20, 2020

Carter for GVEA District 3

"The GVEA board of directors election has begun. If you are in District 3, I strongly urge you to vote for Alison Carter to represent you. She has been both an accountant and a lawyer – two skills that are valuable in managing a large public enterprise. She has served on GVEA's Member Advisory Committee for three years, including two as the chair. She has also been regularly attending GVEA board meetings. Alison is highly knowledgeable about GVEA issues. Her skills are tailor-made for the GVEA board. She will be ready to seamlessly take on her responsibilities on Day 

Alison has a long and impressive history of volunteer service to a number of Fairbanks nonprofits. She obviously loves this community and wants to contribute her time and skills to make it a better place to live. I have personally known Alison for a number of years. She is highly dedicated and ethical. Unlike her opponent, she has no major involvements that could pose a potential conflict of interest with her duties as a board member. With Alison, you can be confident that GVEA customers will be her one and only focus. 

Alison Carter supports a number of thoughtful initiatives that would advance GVEA into the future. You can learn more about them at bit.ly/3bP5iqW. I can't think of a better candidate to represent GVEA District 3. 


-David E. Frey


"Letter to the Editor

May 13, 2020

Support for Alison Carter

I support Alison Carter for Golden Valley's board. She has lived in Alaska for about 27 years, and she has been a proud 24-year member-owner of GVEA's cooperative business model. Her GVEA-specific credentials include three years on GVEA's Member Advisory Committee with two years as its chair. The Member Advisory Committee is involved in topics critical to GVEA. 

She has an impressive educational background, including credentials as a certified public accountant and a doctorate of law. Her community service involvement includes leading a Veterans Treatment Court to Fairbanks, National Ski Patrol, Green Star of Interior Alaska and her church membership. Alison Carter is the best qualified candidate. Please consider her when you vote. 


-Joe Paskvan

Former Alaska State Senator"

"Letter to the Editor

May 13, 2020

Carter for GVEA District 3

I've known Alison Carter for about a year and a half since she joined the board of directors for Green Star of Interior Alaska. I was thrilled to welcome her to the board, especially since she brings such a strong background of financial and legal knowledge and expertise to the organization. 

I was immediately impressed by her commitment to this new role, as she quickly came up to speed with Green Star's mission, programs and goals. Alison is dedicated, passionate and commits herself 100% to anything she takes on. After just a few months on the board, she accepted the critical role of treasurer/secretary and has played an important leadership role in the organization. As treasurer, she works tirelessly to improve the ability of the board to perform our critical financial oversight duties. She continually focuses on making the best financial decisions possible for an organization that often works with limited resources. 

Alison is incredibly smart, and I appreciate the probing questions and keen insights she offers when analyzing important issues. She maintains a focus on the big picture and keeps an eye out for opportunities that will benefit our organization, helping us to pursue goals that will benefit our organization for years to come. She is a compassionate leader who strives to make sure everyone's voices are heard and respected. 

Beyond the many ways Alison has helped our organization become stronger and more resilient, know that she cares deeply about Fairbanks and works diligently for the benefit of this community. She has extensive knowledge about GVEA and the issues it faces after serving on the GVEA Member Advisory Committee for the three years. I believe that she will be a strong advocate for the goals that GVEA members care about, including lower costs and cleaner energy. 

I am so grateful that Alison joined the Green Star board to share her considerable talents with us, and I believe the GVEA board and the Fairbanks community will be lucky to have her as the representative for GVEA District 3. 


-Andrea Miller

Green Star of Interior Alaska

Board Vice President"

"Letter to the Editor

May 12, 2020

If I Lived in District 3

If I lived in GVEA District 3, I could vote for Alison Carter for the GVEA board of directors. She is passionate, hard-working, smart and a lot of fun to work with. If you live in GVEA District 3, please do not miss the opportunity to vote for her. Ballots will be mailed on May 15, and you must mail in your ballots by June 9. Visit her webpage, alisoncarter4gvea.com, to find out more about her. 


-Doron Partyka


"Letter to the Editor

May 10, 2020

Carter for GVEA District 3

Hats should be tipped to anyone who puts him or herself forward to run for local office. Local offices impact our daily lives the most. Qualifications matter. Alison Carter is the most-qualified candidate for GVEA board District 3, because she has strong business financial and management experience, is an attorney, and has been engaged with GVEA issues for at least four years. 

Alison will hit the ground running. She served on the GVEA Member Advisory Committee and regularly attends board meetings. That's how she first learned about the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) project that I'm involved in. 

Smoke Busters is a nonprofit group working to install ESPs on wood stove stacks to reduce PM2.5 output. Improving our air quality to within federal standards will reduce the pressure on GVEA to install expensive scrubbers on its North Pole power plants that will only minimally affect the PM2.5 problem caused mainly by wood burning. We first approached GVEA for support by speaking at a board meeting. Alison heard our presentation and was excited to learn more. 

She reached out to me and a co-organizer to help facilitate our early organizational meetings. Her commitment to helping people stay warm and reduce air pollution was evident. She encouraged us to create a business plan and establish operating procedures to increase our chances of success. The first groups of ESPs are being installed in air quality hot spots thanks to a grant from GVEA and the support of the North Star Community Foundation. 

Alison is intelligent, capable and discerning. She will add depth of perspective, hard work and common sense to the GVEA board. We will all be the better for it. 

The election of board members for GVEA is by mail-in ballot or online. Please vote for Alison Carter, the most qualified District 3 candidate. 


-Patrice Lee


"Letter to the Editor

May 12, 2020

Carter for GVEA Board

Our electric cooperative, the Golden Valley Electric Association, is led by a board of directors elected by districts. It is election time again. 

Ballots for district directors in Districts 1, 2, and 3 will be sent by district to you beginning May 15 by mail. Ballots must be received back by June 9 electronically (by computer) or by mail, or by a submittal in the lobby at the GVEA office on Illinois Street. 

I am pleased to note that there are a number of dedicated and highly qualified residents now running for office in Districts 1, 2 and 3. 

Information on your district boundary is in the April issue of the Ruralite magazine and also online at GVEA.com

The April issue of the Ruralite magazine also presents the varied backgrounds and qualifications of all of the candidates. This same information is on line at www.gvea.com/inside/directors/elections. Please review the candidate's biographies carefully and select the person who you believe has the most education and background to run our electric cooperative. It is an important election. 

In District 3, the city and Badger Road area, I believe that Alison Carter has the most diverse educational and work background to do the best job for us on the board. Her reasons for running for the board were most impressive. 

Please be sure to vote for your GVEA district representative between May 15 and June 9. 


-Don Callahan"

"Letter to the Editor

May 8, 2020

Alison Carter for GVEA Board

I support Alison Carter for GVEA's board seat in District 3. My research on the candidates shows that Alison is a longtime Fairbanksan. She has unique and varied expertise. As an accountant and a lawyer, she has devoted her time and energies to standing up for the disadvantaged. Accordingly, one of her goals if elected is to help ensure affordable electrical rates for everyone, not just for the disadvantaged, but for all ratepayers. 

I started attending GVEA board meetings about a year ago, and Alison has been at every one of those meetings taking notes. I've also seen her at other energy-related talks and workshops. I've never seen Rick Solie at a single meeting or event having to do with GVEA or electric generation issues. Alison recently served on the GVEA Member Advisory Committee for three years and served for two of those years as its chairperson. Alison's sincere interest and knowledge of GVEA's inner workings will make her a very effective board member from day one. 

Alison has no ties to corporate interests that could benefit from her role on the GVEA board. However, I understand that Rick Solie is closely associated with a new gold mine that will be needing lots of electric power in the near future. 

I believe Alison will bring a fresh perspective to the GVEA board and will be a very involved and effective director. 


-Karl Monetti

North Pole"

"Letter to the Editor

May 2, 2020

Alison Carter for GVEA board 

I first met Alison more than three years ago when we began a collaborative effort to start a Veterans Treatment Court in Fairbanks. At the time, I wondered why a newly minted lawyer, with a full financial management career behind her and no connection to the military, would take on such a complex project. It did not take long to see that Alison possesses a profound sense of community and a passion for social justice. She sees a need and takes considered action. 

To Alison, Vet Court is equally a compassionate and practical matter. Getting veterans the treatment they need instead of going to jail addresses long-term afflictions such as drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD, and anger management. It helps preserve Alaska families and strengthen communities. It also helps avoid the costs related to the destructive cycle of incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and veteran suicide, potentially saving millions of dollars each year. 

Given her detailed understanding of the issues and ability to hold her own in a room full of veterans, We selected Alison to lead us in harnessing the efforts of the many stakeholders, including the Alaska Court System, Alaska Supreme Court, Alaska Legislature, UAF Justice Department, VA Clinic, VA Center, and every veteran organization in the Interior. She continues to provide the inspired leadership needed for success, and we look forward to a Fairbanks Vet Court in the coming year. 

I tell you all this because Alison is the leader we need on the GVEA board of directors. She served on the GVEA Member Advisory Committee for three years, two as chair. She has deep knowledge of the challenges facing our cooperative and has ideas to improve service that are innovative, practical and attainable. She possesses the business acumen and the demonstrated collaborative leadership needed to make them a reality. 

When you get your GVEA ballot, please select Alison Carter for District 3 board member. 


-Milt Sawyers 

Colonel, U.S. Army retired 

CEO, Alaska Veterans Foundation 


"Letter to the Editor

April 28, 2020

Carter for GVEA Board

I've known Alison Carter for over 15 years and she will make a great GVEA board member.  She especially deserves the support of small businesses.

I started a small business in my garage 36 years ago.  My company, Apocalypse Design, Inc. is arguably the best cold weather clothing and gear manufacturer in the world.  We make everything right here in Fairbanks and try to use only materials produced in the U.S.

Many of you know, I've been pretty sick for a while and the company financial situation got pretty bad.  In 2017, Alison Carter agreed to step in and take over the accounting position for pretty low pay to help us out.

She quickly realized just how bad our situation was and jumped into action.  She worked with our manager to clearly identify problem areas and developed a 5-pronged strategy to turn things around.  I'm happy to report that we made a profit in 2019.

She goes above and beyond and continually adds value to the company. 

I'm confident in saying that Alison will make a great board member for GVEA because she is smart, dedicated, analytical, strategic, hardworking, and understands this town as well as anyone. You’d be smart to vote for her.


-Dick Flaharty


Apocalypse Design, Inc.


Alison enjoys being outside-- here she is navigating Birch Creek last summer.

See Alison's resume (PDF document).

Paid for by Alison Carter for GVEA, PO Box 73224, Fairbanks, AK 99707